A long journey, driven by my passion for music. What brought me to create musical instruments? At the beginnig I started studying music, then I decided to write, music, and finally I said to myself: “why not “build“, the music?”

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Bonus Strumenti musicali 2017

5 May 2017 Recent News

L’Agenzia delle Entrate ha diramato il regolamento per usufruire del contributo fino a 2500€ per l’acquisto di strumenti musicali, come previsto dalla Legge di Bilancio...

My new Workshop

5 May 2017 Recent News 0

La nuova bottega Cari amici, la mia attività è in espansione, e sono orgoglioso di comunicarvi che sto terminando la ristrutturazione del mio nuovo laboratorio,...

Artigianato e Palazzo 2017 – Pianeta Artigiano

7 April 2016 Recent News

ARTIGIANATO & PALAZZO 2017 18/19/20/21 May 2017 Giardino Corsini – Florence From 10am to 8pm Again this year 2017 I will expose my artisan work...


Making Bowed Instruments

making of violins, violas and cellos from original models of Italian classical tradition

Repairs Bowed Instruments

for all needs, from setup to more complex maintenance works

Replace Horsehair

for all bows: violin, viola, cello and doublebass

My Instruments

The instruments making requires dozen of working hours; every stage of processing, from the best wood selection up to the ending varnishing, is totally handmade, according to the most ancient Italian tradition

Rental Instruments

Renting an instrument is certainly the best compromise for those who doesn’t want immediately face the expense of purchase:

Beginners, amateurs, students; young and old musicians, and families …

How not to give up a passion thanks to a little investment

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