I was born in Firenze on november 09 1988.

Since I was a boy I always needed to feed my passion for music, beginning to play the piano at age of six. As time passed, I practiced also the study of the saxophone and electric bass, especially in my teenage years,  then I chose, after my high school degree, to attend a seven-month course of Technical Sound Engineering, moved always by curiosity to deepen the study of digital music processes, acoustic science and electronic music, such as audio editing, sound diffusion instruments and production techniques. For two years, I took doublebass lessons at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, but was only after a few lessons in complementary harmony, held by maestro Portera that I started, finally,  to study composition with him. For three more years I spent my time composing and experimenting music, getting awards, performances and publications of my operas.

In 2013 I enrolled in Scuola di Liuteria – Bottega di Parma, and for two years under the lead of maestro Desiderio Quercetani I have learned in Parma the techniques and skills of Italian violin making tradition, producing two violins, one cello and one viola.

In 2015 I launched my own business in Firenze, and the production of instruments proceeds constantly.

Tommaso Pedani Liutaio in Firenze Chi Sono Immagine Laboratorio liuteria