Archettaio Firenze Tommaso Pedani

“Ars longa, Vita brevis”


Making Bowed Instruments

making of violins, violas and cellos from original models of italian classical tradition

Repairing Bowed Instruments

for all needs: from set-up to more complex maintenance works

Bow Maker – Raplace Horsehair

check up and fixing for all bows: violin, viola, cello and doublebass

My Latest Works

The instruments making requires dozen of working hours; every stage of processing, from the best wood selection up to the ending varnishing, is totally handmade, according to the most ancient Italian tradition


Renting an instrument is certainly the best compromise for those who doesn’t want immediately face the expense of purchase:

Beginners, amateurs, students; young and old musicians, and families …


How not to give up a passion thanks to a little investment